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Divya Sanjeeva yoga : Noni Juice Product Detail

* Rs 375 / Bottle
* Packaging Type Bottle
* Brand Aloecare
* Packaging Size 500 ml
* Morinda Citrifolla 97% (Noni)
* Gracinia Cambogia 2%
* Natural Sweetener 1%
* Dosage 30ml (Adult), 10ml (Children) Twice a day

Direction for use:

• Recommendation Use daily for 6 months for better results

• Preferably empty stomach

• Drink ample water throughout the day

• Due to the natural ingredients of color, taste and consistency may vary. some sediments are a natural occurrence.

• Don't accept if cap seal is broken

• Morinda citirfolla fruit has been widely used by ancient civilization for its health benefits, enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients, and bioflavonoids are rich in proxenxeronine.

Other Details:

Noni from the fruit of Morinda Citirfolla, popularly known as Noni. Noni is an evergreen tree reaching heights of 15 to 20 feet. Used medicinally for thousands of year the fruits from the morinda Citirfolla plant is now extolled by mainstream medical physicians, biochemists, modern herbalists, and medical researches as the miraculous healing substance for modern times. Several years ago, a plant is known in Sanskrit as Ach which has special properties by ancient physicians. the fruit of this ach plant or Morinda Citrifolia has a rich history in India and Ayurveda. This holistic medical tradition was established in the northwestern part of India.