Welcome to Divya Sanjeevani Yoga: Neem Juice Product Detail

Divya Sanjeeva yoga : Neem Juice Product Detail

*Rs 250 / Bottle
*Packaging Size 500 ml
*Brand Aloecare
*Pack Type Bottle
*Form Liquid
*Sugar Free Yes
*Shelf Life 2 Year

Other Details:

• Neem, an ayurvedic medicine, has several health benefits

• Neem is beneficial for the body, skin, and hair

• Its bitter taste makes it difficult for people to eat

• This is why neem juice is one way to consume the beneficial ayurvedic medicine

Health benefits of neem juice:

• Due to its anti-inflammatory ingredients, neem juice extract is best to get rid of acne or pimples

• Neem juice also improves the complexion

• By drinking neem juice, the toxins from the system are flushed out

• This improves the hair quality, skin complexion, and digestion

• Neem juice is considered effective for diabetic patients

• By having neem juice every day, you control the sugar levels in the body

• Applying a few drops of neem juice on the eyes improves eyesight and also cures conjunctivitis

• Massaging the skin with neem juice reduces dark chicken pox marks

• Skin diseases such as eczema and smallpox are also cured by having neem juice

• Another health benefit of neem juice is it cures malaria

• Neem juice reduces the development of virus and improves the liver functioning

• Neem juice reduces vaginal pain during pregnancy

• Many pregnant women massage with neem juice to get rid of labor pain

• Neem juice extract, when applied on pimple or acne, gives a soothing effect and reduces them

How to drink neem juice:

• Neem juice is very bitter and difficult to drink

• If you want to enjoy the health benefits of neem juice, then think of it as a glass of medicine and swallow it

• Take a look at more ways to drink neem juice

• Add some spices in neem juice to make it tasty

• To drink neem juice, add a pinch of salt or black pepper or both.

• Many people hate the smell of neem juice

• Keep it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes or add ice cubes before drinking it

• It is best to have neem juice immediately after making it

• Never store it for more than 30 minutes

• Neem juice is bitter but after having it, the taste in mouth is not felt

• Often after eating bitter food, the mouth taste turns to sweet

• Pinch the nose while swallowing neem juice

• This makes it easy to drink neem juice

• Never add sugar if you want to get the health benefits of neem juice

• Have neem juice empty stomach early in the morning

• Add salt or black pepper and little water to reduce the bitterness